Book - Playing the Saxophone by Rob Buckland

Playing the Saxophone

The critically acclaimed book by Rob Buckland: a multi-dimensional approach to saxophone playing and technique, based on 15 years of high level teaching at the RNCM in Manchester, this long-awaited book contains chapters on all aspects of Saxophone technique, exercises, practice routines, chapters on the mental and physical processes involved in playing the saxophone, and

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Soprano Graphic

“Just Because” Compositions

MORE OF ROB’S COMPOSITIONS, AS FEATURED ON HIS NEW “JUST BECAUSE” CD WILL BE RELEASED TO COINCIDE WITH THE ALBUM LAUNCH. Sopranology – for Soprano Saxophone and Backing Track Barança – for Baritone Saxophone and Backing Track Carillino – for Sopranino Saxophone and Backing Track   WATCH THIS SPACE FOR UPDATE IN EARLY 2021

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Altogenesis cover


AltoGenesis: Alto Saxophone & Backing track: 7mins Pdf of the score, including cover and programme note, and wav. Backing track recording: £25.00 Recorded on DUALITY and JUST BECAUSE CDs

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Scaredy Cat cover

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat: Piano Accompaniment for Bb and Eb instruments £5.00 pdf, cover and piano part for both transpositions. Following popular demand for an accompaniment for one of my most popular pieces, which was part of the ABRSM syllabus for many years, and is available in the Solo Saxophone and Solo Clarinet Books published by astute

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The Sea Between cover


THE SEA BETWEEN: SAAATTBB 7mins £35.00 Pdfs of Score and all parts, cover, and Programme note. Recorded on: Two Quartets Collide & Merge CD: Apollo/Artvark

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Solstice cover


SOLSTICE: Soprano & Alto Saxophone & Piano 5 mins £20.00 pdf of score, including cover and programme note. Sampler here:(4.30-5.30)

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Tenacity cover


TENACITY: Solo Tenor Saxophone & Backing Track 6mins £25.00 pdf of score, including cover, programme note, and wav file of backing track. Recorded on JUST BECAUSE CD  

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Indian Summer cover

Indian Summer

Solo alto saxophone and backing track. £20.00 Written in a jazz fusion style, inspired by Yellowjackets. A slow intro leads to a groove-based chart with a section for improvisation too.

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Rob with Apollo & Artvark

Selected Concert Compositions

In addition to the published pieces above, Rob has written a diverse list of concert compositions: for details about scores and parts etc, please contact Rob directly through the contact page.

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Work: Changing Times (saxophone solo)

Changing Times – Saxophone Solo; Clarinet Solo

With Andy Scott 12 medium to advanced studies for solo saxophone and for clarinet solo (co-written with Andy Scott) Buy online from Astute Music Ltd and listen to soundclips and watch Rob on the Saxophone Solo link: Changing Times (saxophone solo) Changing Times (clarinet solo)

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Work: Clarinet & Piano Book 1

Clarinet & Piano Book 1

With Apollo Saxophone Quartet Eight characterful & fun pieces for clarinet and piano of Medium standard written by members of the ASQ Buy online from Astute Music Ltd and listen to soundclips: Book 1

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Work: Clarinet Solos Book 1

Clarinet Solos

With Apollo Saxophone Quartet 12 medium to advanced studies for solo saxophone and for clarinet solo (co-written with Andy Scott) Buy online from Astute Music Ltd and listen to soundclips on Sax Solo link: Clarinet Solo

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Work: Altostratus (cover)

Altostratus (saxophone ensemble)

Written to explore the vocality and lyricism of the modern saxophone sound, this piece weaves melodies and counter-melodies together, gently undulating until the sun bursts momentarily through before being gently masked once again. Available from Astute Music.

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Work: Eight Pieces (Cover)

Eight Pieces (flute & piano)

Drawing on influences from all areas of the modern musical world, Andy Scott and Rob Buckland have compiled an exciting new book of eight contrasting pieces for Flute & Piano. Bad Hair Day      Andy Scott You Never Know     Rob Buckland Never the Same     Rob Buckland Free-Running      Rob Buckland Best Left Unsaid    

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Work: Fjord (cover)

Fjord (saxophone ensemble)

Inspired by the distinctive open feel of the haunting folk melodies from Scandinavia, this slow piece again relies on perfect intonation and control across the range, and a sensitive approach to ensemble to allow the tune through without it feeling forced. Available from Astute Music.

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Work: Flam (cover)

Flam (saxophone ensemble)

A bluesy chart with a real swagger – add lots of colour, scoops, glisses, bends, anything you can think of to enhance the “down & dirty” feel of this tune. A good, steady, dug-in tempo adds the right touch. Available from Astute Music.

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Work: Mojito (cover)

Mojito (saxophone ensemble)

A samba feel, but not too heavy…use the false fingerings to create a gentle rippling energy for the tune to sit on top of. Always “laid back” in feel, this should never feel hurried. Really commit to the dynamic shape of the piece, and be as rhythmic as possible throughout! Available from Astute Music.

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Work: Saxophone Solos Book 1

Saxophone Solos Book 1

With Apollo Saxophone Quartet 20 Studies for the modern saxophonist (Grade 5-8+) Buy online from Astute Music Ltd and listen to soundclips and watch Rob: Book 1

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Work: Time Travels

Time Travels

Time Travels (piano part for Bb sax) by Buckland & Scot. A musical journey for you and your saxophone from the past to the present, travelling across the centuries and across the continent. Six timeless classical tunes. Johannes Brahms arr. Andy Scott  – Cradle Song Trad.Russian arr. Rob Buckland – Song of the Volga Boatmen Rob Buckland

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Trinity Jazz Woodwind Syllabus cover

Trinity Publications

Rob has written several pieces in this series for Trinity Publications. In Jan 2021, to coincide with the release of his new Solo CD: Just Because, Rob will be publishing the sheet music and backing tracks for the five solo saxophone & backing track works on the CD. Info here soon.

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