Anything You Want!

If any of you creative folk out there are involved in any kind of new projects, running events, festivals, societies, companies, ensembles, anything creative, you should check out this great little book written by Derek Sivers, the founder of CDBaby – the first (and in my opinion) best online CD distribution resource for independent musicians.

Aside from this, he is a great thinker, altruist, generally great guy, and this new book “Anything You Want” is a real gem for anyone involved in creative work.  His blog is always worth a visit – some really engaging and thought-provoking articles on a whole range of stuff, although mostly with a link in some way to the creative process, and the inherent struggles that we all face when getting things started!!!

Check out this link, download or buy the book, and you’ll also get a code which allows you to download (comes to you for free although all of the artists featured have been paid a fair royalty by the way) 241 tracks that Derek has personally selected from the 100’s of 1000s of CDs on the CDBaby roster – and for some highly improbable reason, he’s picked a track off my Equivox Trio “The Time is Now” CD as part of the list!!!

Here’s the link: