Scaredy Cat – The Legend…..!

“Scaredy Cat is the most coolest piece I have ever played… the guy who wrote it must be the most amazing dude ever!!” ( Alastair – yr9).

Scaredy Cat is one of my compositions for solo saxophone (and now clarinet and flute too) that features on the Grade 5 syllabus for a couple of exam boards.  Published in the Solo Saxophone Book ( it has unexpectedly proven to be one of my most popular pieces, and I am constantly getting emails from young players asking all about the Scaredy Cat – what it’s name is, what colour it is, etc, as well as lovely comments about the piece.  The quote above was sent to me this week by one of my ex-students, who’s Yr9 pupil came out with this quote in his lesson – kudos indeed!

It was also played down the phone on the Simon Mayo Radio 2 drive time show on the clarinet a while back, and features in concerts and exams all over the place.  Scaredy Cat has become a legend thanks to all of you who bought it and play it!!!  Do email in with any more sightings of the Scaredy Cat, and I’ll post them up here!!!