My new book, PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE (available from Astute Music), is selling well, and getting some lovely reviews. I’ve copied a few of them here:

PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE: Selected reviews 2012/13

I thought some of you might be interested in this:

I was at the RNCM sax day on Sunday and heard Rob give an excellent talk on the basics of saxophone sound production. Went home and tried a couple of the techniques he suggested and, even without practising, was able to move between harmonics much more reliably and to produce a cleaner sound across the range of the instrument, just by being aware of my tongue position. Also, he showed a technique for balancing and reducing the resistance of a reed with no sanding scraping etc. Just put it curved side down on a flat surface hold down the tip and give the fat end a flick. Tried that one, too, and it worked like a charm!

So I ordered a copy of the book, which arrived today. Looks really good. Lots more detail and I suppose more up to date than Teal’s book. There’s years of work in there, of course, but that’s what some of us need to do, I suppose.

Martin (Manchester) (

Martin, many thanks for the suggestion.

The book’s even better than you said! Seriously impressed. Teal has finally been surpassed – by a mile!

Kev, Munich (

I had been meaning to reply to this thread after I got the book at your recommendation Kev and I agree that it’s excellent

I have only worked part way through but already I seem to be reaping the benefit of the advice on posture, head and hand position and embouchure

Ivan (Peeblesshire) (

Just a word of thanks for the book ‘Playing the Saxophone‘ (breaking through the glass ceiling) by Rob Buckland. It really is excellent and I would highly recommend it to all aspiring saxophone players.

Incidentally could I ask to whom I send the bill to for the glass ceiling – it’s beginning to get some small cracks!!

Phil F. (email to

Playing the Saxophone” by@RobBucklandSax is becoming one of my best academic and

performing resources at university. Worth getting a copy!

Jack Fearn (Twitter)