Recorded in July 2014, my CD DUALITY, with my long term pianist partner Peter Lawson is available to Order here.

I am absolutely delighted with this CD – as I say in the liner notes, the wonderful music on this recording really feels like my musical home – through-composed music, with some improvisation, written by composers from contemporary music and jazz worlds, all very honest, melodic, rhythmic, emotive music that really resonates with who I am as a musician – the duality of my saxophonic life, working as both a classical and jazz player, has allowed me to draw on influences from both worlds on this CD.

The wonderful music from Tim Garland, Graham Fitkin, Barbara Thompson, Jason Rebello, Andy Scott (and myself), all musicians with whom I have performed and recorded with over the years, and who are all good friends, makes this feel like a very personal musical statement of who I am.
There is a Soundcloud sampler here: