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Saxophone Quartets Book 3

Saxophone Quartets Book 3Eight pieces for four altos or three altos plus tenor

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Astute Music

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Soundscapes10 advanced pieces for two equal saxophones

Grade 6+

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Astute Music

Songs without Words

Songs without Words4 beautiful melodic pieces for Saxophone and Piano

available from:
Astute Music

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New Trio CD

the time is now

equivox trio - the time is now

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Playing the Saxophone book By Rob Buckland



Playing the Saxophone by Rob Buckland. Order your copy from Astute Music

Practicing hard, but not getting any better? Reached a point where you really want to push your playing onto a higher level but just can’t seem to get there? Do you need help “breaking through the glass ceiling?”


This book has been designed to provide the dedicated and committed saxophone student with the tools and understanding to build a strong and reliable technical foundation upon which to build a robust and enabling technique. Every aspect of Saxophone technique is examined in great detail, in order to help you establish the very best fundamentals, with advice on how to integrate those techniques into your playing and practice routines, and enable your playing to reach new heights. This book contains both theoretical advice and technical exercises, and inspirational chapters on performance, practice, and an insight into the mental and physical processes involved in being a truly communicative performer.


Based on teaching and performance methods developed over 15 years of high level teaching at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester the methods and exercises in this book are the most upto- date modern approach to Saxophone technique. Whatever style of music you choose to play - classical, jazz and beyond - this book will bring your understanding of all things saxophonic to the very highest level.

Video Support Tutorials

Here are the video support tutorials to accompany six of the chapters in my new book.

  1. Embouchure (Video)
  2. Air Focussing (Video)
  3. Vibrato (Video)
  4. Harmonics (Video)
  5. Extended Techniques (Video)
  6. Jazz Articulation and Inflection (Video)

Audio Support files

Here are some audio files to download to accompany your scale practice/intonation studies.

12 Audio Downloads: Tuning Drones

Download these tuning drones for free, and practice your scales and tuning exercises over them, so improve your intonation. (Drones are titled in Concert Pitch).

All clips are 2.33Mb. Right-click to download.

  1. C (mp3 audio clip)
  2. C# (mp3 audio clip)
  3. D (mp3 audio clip)
  4. Eb (mp3 audio clip)
  5. E (mp3 audio clip)
  6. F (mp3 audio clip)
  7. F# (mp3 audio clip)
  8. G (mp3 audio clip)
  9. Ab (mp3 audio clip)
  10. A (mp3 audio clip)
  11. Bb (mp3 audio clip)
  12. B (mp3 audio clip)