Upstairs, Downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs (2010/11). BBC TV Rob plays saxophones in this highly acclaimed re-make of the classic TV series. Composer: Daniel Pemberton Executive Producer: Rebecca Eaton

Gun Rush

Gun Rush (2009) ITV Film Director: Richard Clark Producer: Emma Benson Starring: Timothy Spall Composer: Rob Lane

Red Dust

Red Dust (2004) BBC Films/Distant Horizon Director: Tom Hooper Producers: Anant Singh, David Thompson, Ruth Caleb Cast: Hilary Swank, Chiwetel Ejiofor Composer: Rob Lane

The Forsyte Saga

ITV TV Music by Geoffrey Burgon: Rob Buckland featured on Saxophones and Clarinets

Dalziel & Pascoe

BBC TV Director: Patrick Lau Producer: Annie Tricklebank Composer: Mark Thomas