Just Because: New Solo CD

Released in early 2021.

During lockdown I have finally had the time to complete a Solo Saxophone CD project that has been long overdue. The CD features new recordings of some really engaging solo saxophone music written by composers with whom I have a strong association, including Gwilym Simcock, who wrote the title track of the album as a solo piece for my 51st birthday 2 years ago, which became the catalyst for the project. Again, occupying my favourite space between contemporary classical and jazz-inspired music, the disc divides into two clear halves: firstly there are six new works from Graham Fitkin, Gary Carpenter, Andy Scott, Jenni Watson, Jay Capperauld, Julian Arguelles and then a set of six original works composed by me – a short multitrack version of AltoStratus, for the original line-up of three alto saxophones and organ, and then five solo pieces linked by concept – each is a feature respectively for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Sopranino Saxophones, with a backing track generated ONLY on that particular instrument. AltoGenesis, one of my most popular pieces, already released on the Duality CD, is re-recorded here, and it now sits alongside its sister pieces in a set. The sheet music & downloadable backing tracks for these will be available to buy through my site after the release of the CD. I am hoping to have the disc finished by the end of this year, and released early in 2021.