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Saxophone Quartets Book 3

Saxophone Quartets Book 3Eight pieces for four altos or three altos plus tenor

available from:
Astute Music

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Soundscapes10 advanced pieces for two equal saxophones

Grade 6+

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Astute Music

Songs without Words

Songs without Words4 beautiful melodic pieces for Saxophone and Piano

available from:
Astute Music

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New Trio CD

the time is now

equivox trio - the time is now

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Equipment and Set-up

Lots of you have emailed me asking about my equipment, so here goes:

I find myself working in so many different settings, that I need three set-ups on the go most of the time, especially if the clarinet and flute are on the stand too!!!

Alto: Mark VI, 91***, Lacquered, with Silver Crook or a Mark VII Silver plated Alto, 282***, Classical: Selmer soloist C*: Vandoren V12s. 3.5 strength (although I have just started trying a Vandoren AL3 for orchestral stuff - stops the conductor yelling at me to play quieter!!!!) early days on this at the mo, but looking promising.


  • For modern stuff, jazz, funk, pop etc Lakey 7*3 ebonite: Alexander DC 2.5/3s or Vandoren Red Javas 2.5/3s, or a Morgan Fry re-faced ebonite Meyer 7M for straight ahead/big band alto.
  • For early jazz (I play with a couple of groups that specialise in early big band stuff (Whiteman, Goodman etc) for this I've been using an old white brilhart tonalin 3* on Red Javas 2.5/3s

Soprano: Mark VI, 296*** Silver Plate. Original Selmer Soloist C* mouthpiece for classical, Vandoren V12 3.5/4s. For Jazz: Selmer S80 G with vandoren red java 2.5s, or a Bari 64 if it needs to be a bit more "pop".

Sopranino: Silver Plated Selmer Mark VI, various selmer mouthpieces. 

Tenor: Mark VI, Silver Plated, 63***: early metal link 8* for jazz (as used on the last track on the equivox CD), Rousseau NC4 for classical at the mo, although in the eternal search for the right classical tenor set up, I (like most players I know) have about half a dozen classical tenor mouthpiece lying around gathering dust!!)

Bari: Mark VI 306***: Great old Brilhart ebolin (black) for straight stuff - god alone knows what lay it is.., and Berg Larsen Ebonite something or other - can't remember - but it's LOUD!!


Clarinets: Pair of Buffet RCs. Had these for ever, really great instruments.  I use them a lot. Different lays of Portnoy mouthpieces for jazz and classical.

Bass Clarinet: Early Selmer Low Eb Bass, really lovely big, warm, free-blowing horn, great for jazz and straight stuff alike.

Flutes: Altus Flute with a Trevor James head with grenadilla wood lip-plate - these heads are amazing - check them out at Pearl Picc (rather dusty.....).

EWI: Akai 4000s. What fantastic instruments these are! Really useful in the studio for making midi tracks sound more "human".  Once you get to grips with them they are very intuitive instruments, and great fun to play.